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The only company you should trust with your bike. Passionate and knowledgeable!


Mike is the best mechanic I have ever been involved with. He has often worked late to get my sons bike ready for practice or a race. Totally knowledgeable and dedicated to his craft. I wish he was still working in my area.


I have known Mike for many years. he's a bike guru, whether it's canal cruisers, road bikes or his Forte mountain bikes he knows them all and is excellent with repairing and teaching while repairing. he's an awesome down to earth guy. Iv bought 2 bikes from this guy over the years and they never once disappointed me. the first one was a diamondback recoil with nice upgrades when we first met back in the middle 2000's. since then we've ridden together many many times and he always tweaks my bikes before rides just because he enjoys it. the 2nd bike was a 2018 vitus sentier vrx that's been a dream to ride. truly one of a kind guy in the bike world with a ton of knowledge


After decades of riding I have never had a shop fix my bike without having to send stuff out, only to pick my bike up and have it running better than the day I got it.

If you don’t want to fix it and you just want to ride the park with your bike runninv flawlessly, call Mike.


My fork exploded and I was in a pinch to get it fixed. Mike knew exactly what was wrong with it just from my description of the problem. He did a fantastic job rebuilding my fork and was able to get it done in a day with very short notice. He sent it back with the air pressure I like and rebound adjustments I had set without even asking me. Mike puts care into his work and knows what he is doing. It’s nice to have a mechanic you can trust who wants you to help you out and take care of all of your needs as fast as possible. Thank you so much Mike! You are the best!


There a are few I trust to work on my bikes. Mike has built 2 wheel sets for me, serviced an inverted downhill fork, a fox 36, swapped drivetrains, bled brakes, trued rims, adjusted derailleurs, you name it, he’s done it. He is someone you can trust with your gear. Hands down the best bike mechanic I’ve ever used.


I contacted Mike having never used his services before to ask about a full custom bike build with a quick turn around as I planned to to use it for an upcoming event. I was still waiting on delivery of the frame and needed a decent amount of parts still. We chatted on the phone and got a plan together to make it happen. Mike had great communication through out and did an outstanding job on the final build. I highly recommend Dialed By Mike!

Thanks again!


Mike did a service of my Fox 38...the negative air chamber had wayyy too much grease.
Feels great and is dialed now!


Mike’s mastery of bike mechanics is supreme. He is the royalty in his field. How so? Mike understands not just r&r bike mechanics, he understands all mechanics. An automotive mechanic by trade, he switched to bicycles to pursue his passion for all disciplines of this two wheeled sport. Because of his vast knowledge of how things actually work, he will be able to find a solution for your issue, even a custom solution. And because he knows what makes a bike ride right - he is an amazing rider in his own right - your bike will return to you feeling better than you thought possible. I have had one bike fully overhauled and another rebuilt on a new frame, as well as many smaller jobs, so I’ve worked with him a lot. I cannot speak highly enough for him.


This is by one of the best bike mechanics anywhere. If you need your bike to be fully functional and work the way it was designed take it to Mike Erickson. Simply one of the best mechanics I have worked with in my 40 years of riding.


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